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Erdogan’s Turkey - End of Press Freedom?

After the arrest of Turkish-German journalist Deniz Yücel: Are we witnessing the end of press freedom in Turkey? Our guests: Bülent Mumay (freelance journalist), Dilek Kurban (Hertie School of Governance) and Anne Renzenbrink (Reporters Without Borders)

Watch video 25:59

Our guests:


Dilek Kurban is a fellow at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and a member of the European Commission’s Network of Independent Experts in the field of non-discrimination. She says: "Press freedom, as well as many other rights and liberties, has long ended in Erdogan’s Turkey. It is high time the European governments and institutions acknowledge this fact and adjust their policies accordingly."


Bülent Mumay is a Turkish journalist working for German media and writes regular columns for FAZ titled "Letters From Istanbul". Mumay was arrested after the military coup and says: "Journalism is nowadays one of the biggest crimes in Turkey. Having a different passport does not make you safe."


Anne Renzenbrink is a media relations officer at Reporters Without Borders in Berlin. She says: "The case of Deniz Yücel is a new quality of repression. That’s why it’s now more important than ever to not get intimidated and express solidarity and support for the courageous colleagues still reporting in Turkey."