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Entertainer Rolf Harris found guilty on indecent assault charges

The veteran entertainer Rolf Harris, a household name in Britain and Australia, has been found guilty on 12 charges of indecent assault from 1968 to 1986. One victim was as young as 7 or 8.

On Monday, a court in London found the Australian entertainer Rolf Harris, 84, guilty of indecently assaulting girls and young women over a period of nearly 20 years.

Harris, an enormously popular figure in family entertainment in Britain and Australia for over 50 years, is the latest in a series of celebrities to be tried for historic sex offenses in Britain.

His trial lasted for seven weeks. He denied all charges.

He will be sentenced on Friday.

Many arrests, including Harris', have occurred as part of a large police investigation into sexual abuse known as "Operation Yewtree." The inquiry, which started in October 2012, was sparked by revelations of sexual offenses carried out by the British media personality Jimmy Savile, who died in 2011.

Harris is known as an artist, TV presenter and performer of his trademark songs such as "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" and "Jake the Peg."

tj/mkg (APF, Reuters)