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Eman from Jordan

DW programming has reintroduced peace to the young Jordanian woman Eman.

Name: Eman
City / Country: Amman / Jordan
Year of birth: 1983
Occupation: web content manager

I use DW because it’s like a combination of all tastes. When I switch the dial to watch something on DW I never feel bored or "excluded"! It simply gets you in the mood for anything it shows, even if you were not interested before.

I am interested in health, documentaries, technology, science, art, beauty, music and occasionally world news.

What I especially like about DW is the quality and variety of DW’s entire programming. It is a very classy channel that has always been nourishing my dream of myself becoming a member of DW’s staff.

My first experience with DW: The first time I got in contact with DW, I saw Euromaxx. It was a program that really “took my mind off things” for I was very angry with my husband at that moment.

My wish for the future: I wish for hatred, discrimination of race or religion or language or anything else that sends out negative feelings between human beings, animals or even nature to vanish from earth, mars and the universe as a whole. I love peace with all meanings, by all means and in all dimensions.

Sent by: Eman from Jordan
Edited by: Jeanette Müller