El Salvador: Advising local radio stations | Latin America | DW | 17.06.2008
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Latin America

El Salvador: Advising local radio stations

DW Akademie has been advising the management of local radio stations under the umbrella organization Asociación de Radios y Programas Participativos de El Salvador (ARPAS) since 2005.


The goal of this long-term project is to examine the organizational and personnel management as well as the program and technical management for weaknesses. Recommendations for structural improvement can then be formulated and implemented.

In 2007, DW Akademie took a close look at the ARPAS associated broadcaster "Radio Milenio." Leading staff members and editors responsible for program output examined the internal work flows. With their broadcast goals firmly in mind, they analyzed the programs and identified deficits in the internal structure of the organization and its personnel and financial management.

Together with DW Akademie's trainers, they found solutions to each of the  identified weaknesses and gradually implemented the recommendations to the overall benefit of program quality. DW Akademie continues to advise local radio stations in El Salvador in 2008.

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