Egypt sets ousted President Morsi′s trial date for November 4 | News | DW | 09.10.2013
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Egypt sets ousted President Morsi's trial date for November 4

An Egyptian court has set November 4 as the start date for the trial of the deposed President Mohamed Morsi. The ousted Islamist leader has been charged for inciting the murder of protesters in December 2012.

State news agency MENA reported Wednesday that the Cairo Appeals Court ruled that Morsi, and 14 other defendants, will be tried before a criminal court on November 4.

The defendants will stand trial over the killing of protesters outside Morsi's presidential palace in December 2012. At least seven people were killed in clashes on December 5 between Morsi loyalists and his opponents after he passed a temporary decree placing his decisions above judicial review.

Six months later Morsi was ousted in a military coup.

Morsi’s co-defendants include several of his aides and Muslim Brotherhood party leaders.

Since his July 3 ouster, Morsi has been held by the army in an undisclosed location.

hc/rc (AFP, AP)

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