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Fish and Seafood

Eglifilet, fillet of perch cooked in the style of the miller's wife

This week we visit the 5-star Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland where Olivier Gerber, the "Chef de Cuisine", prepares Eglifilet, fillet of perch cooked in the style of the miller's wife.


Eglifilet à la Olivier Gerber from the Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne, Geneva


Serves 2

Sauce Tartare

100 grams mayonnnaise
10 grams capers
10 grams small cucmbers or gherkins
1 large shallot
1 bunch of chives
juice of one lemon

Preparing the Sauce Tartare

Chop up the capers, gherkins and chives
Stir the chopped vegetables into the mayonnaise and add a little lemon juice

Filet of Perch

400 grams filet of perch
1 dl (100 cc) peanut oil
80 grams butter
50 grams flour
Lemon juice

Preparing the Fish

Sprinkle the perch filets with pepper and salt
Lightly dust with flour
Heat the peanut oil in a pan until smoking hot and add the perch filets
As soon as the filets are hot, add a further 50 grams of butter
Let them brown on a low heat
Sprinkle with lemon butter, add pepper and salt
Serve on a plate with steamed fresh vegetables


Eglifilet (Barschfilet nach Müllerinart), zubereitet von Olivier Gerber aus dem Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne, Genf