EBay to Ban Sale of Cat and Dog Pelts in Germany | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 15.07.2008
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EBay to Ban Sale of Cat and Dog Pelts in Germany

Internet auction house eBay will ban the sale of cat and dog pelts on its German language Web sites starting on Tuesday, July 15.

People standing in front of monitors with the eBay logo

Ebay wants to protect customers from unwittingly buying products made from pets

A spokesman for eBay in Germany, Alexander Witt, said the ban is a response to protests from animal rights activists concerned that clothing and other items supposedly made from rabbit or mink fur are actually made from illegal cat and dog pelts, the Associated Press reported.

All products made from cat and dog pelts, including clothing, blankets, toys and key chains, will be affected by the ban, which takes effect on eBay's sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The company explained that while cats and dogs are not protected animal species, they are often killed inhumanely for their fur. EBay said it wanted to raise awareness of the practice among its members, and protect them from unknowingly purchasing products made with cat and dog pelts.

Company spokesman Witt said that the ban would be extended to other European countries such as France, Italy and Spain. A previous ban is already in place in the United Kingdom.

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