DW-WORLD.DE | Press Releases | DW | 21.11.2001
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Press Releases


Deutsche Welle's New Site on the Internet

A multi-lingual and interactive web site, a unique content management system, clear, user-friendly navigation and modern design - these are the essential attributes of the newly positioned Deutsche Welle (DW) Internet presence. You can log onto the world wide web site immediately under DW-WORLD.DE.

For web users worldwide with a special interest in Germany and Europe DW-WORLD offers news, up-to-date information, analysis, background reports and documentaries in 31 languages. The multi-media spectrum of DW-WORLD ranges from audio and video - live and on demand - to integrated text audio and video components.

The specially designed content management system for DW-WORLD lets all DW editorial departments put their own content in their own languages onto the web, quickly and easily - a tremendous advantage for current and breaking news.

Mr. Guido Baumhauer, Head of DW-Online: "For each of our 31 languages there are separate rules for the respective Internet markets. When, for example, an Amharic-speaking user in Addis Ababa logs onto the pages of DW-WORLD.DE he or she is interested in different contents than a Russian from Novosibirsk. For us this means learning from our users and focusing our emphasis."

DW-WORLD has also intentionally focused on interactivity - with chats, forums, online surveys, newsletters and quizzes. DW-WORLD users can deliver their own input on topical issues and trends.

DW-WORLD, which is networked to DW-TV and DW-RADIO, provides specially-tailored topics, too, with a specially expanded focus on issues for the DW languages Brazilian, Chinese, German, English and Russian. In a first phase, information and news from politics, business, panorama, the arts, sports and travel, which of course are also offered in all DW languages, are given a more in-depth treatment here.

DW-WORLD offers language courses in German in nearly all DW languages. These are multi-media lessons, designed to fit the individual needs of students and teachers.

Viewers of DW-TV and listeners to DW-RADIO can log onto a comprehensive service segment with programme information. A full text or keyword search enables users to call up specific information quickly and easily from all radio and television programmes, as well as from specific categories, like politics, business and the arts. This service is available in all DW languages, from Amharic to Urdu.

The concept for the DW content management system was developed and programmed by the company Vignette Corporation of Austin, Texas, a leading provider of Internet applications. The re-design for DW-WORLD was created by Factor Design of Hamburg, Germany.

The revamping and re-positioning of DW-WORLD is a high priority and part of a strategic concept for modernizing and expanding the worldwide presence of Germany's international broadcasting service.

15. November 2001