DW-TV LIVE<br>50 Years Deutsche Welle<br>The Celebrations | TV | DW | 27.06.2003
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50 Years Deutsche Welle
The Celebrations

"This is Deutsche Welle Bonn" DW-RADIO and
DW-WORLD.DE are moving from Cologne to the Schürmann building in Bonn.


The new broadcast headquarters, designed by Professor Joachim Schürmann, will be inaugurated on June 27th. DW central is located right next to Deutsche Post headquarters in the former government district. As one of Europe's most advanced broadcast centres, the complex will house some 1100 workers from DW-RADIO, DW-WORLD.DE, the DWFZ training operation and Deutsche Welle's administration. The inauguration ceremony coincides with Deutsche Welle's 50th anniversary. Guest of honour President Johannes Rau will hold the laudation, which will be broadcast live during special coverage on DW-TV and DW-RADIO beginning at 13:00 UTC. Other guests will include minister of state for culture and media Dr. Christina Weiss. The special will include live links with the Bundestag in Berlin's Reichstag building, where members of the various parliamentary parties will be discussing the future of Germany's foreign broadcast service. Musical accompaniment for the event will be provided by Bonn's Beethoven Orchestra, the German Jazz Orchestra and Deutsche Welle's own choir.

"Germany Today" will broadcast live from Bonn beginning at 20:30 UTC. Robin Merrill's guests will include Deutsche Welle Director-General Erik Bettermann and DW-TV Television Director Christoph Lanz.

The TOP STORY on DW-TV's JOURNAL will also provide a look at the DW's new headquarters in Bonn, as well as the broadcaster's past and future.