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Press Releases

DW-TV: Improved Reception in North America

U.S. Television Networks Rebroadcast JOURNAL News Magazine

With the start of the new year in the USA an additional ten million viewers have access to the English version of DW-TV's news magazine JOURNAL. This was announced by Deutsche Welle (DW) on January 14, 2002. The largest percentage increase of television viewers is in America's second biggest market, Los Angeles, where public broadcaster KCET now carries JOURNAL in a daily afternoon slot. KCET has a potential viewing audience of 5.4 million. Another 2.5 million viewers can also receive JOURNAL in San Francisco every day on the local cable public broadcasting station KRCB. Television stations in Nebraska and Philadelphia have also included DW-TV's news magazine in their programming.
With this extended reach, more than 55 million households in North America now have access to all or parts of DW-TV programming. The JOURNAL news magazine is among the most popular programs.
January 14, 2002

Christoph Jumpelt

Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

T. +49.228.429-2041