DW-TV Goes Berlinale | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 02.02.2004
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DW-TV Goes Berlinale

Deutsche Welle Television will be reporting daily from Berlin's International Film Festival, covering films, galas and other events. A program guide.


Broadcasting around the world from the German capital.


From 8:00 UTC, every two hours


20:30 UTC, 2:30 UTC, 8:30 UTC, 14:30 UTC

The stars and event highlights

Journal In Depth

Every two hours

Feb. 5: Berlinale opens


Feb. 7 at 22:30 UTC

Planned topics:

  • Hollywood in Berlin
  • The Berlinale discovers African film
  • Portrait of director Ulrike Ottinger

    In Focus

    Feb. 12 at 18:30 UTC

    Create Your Vision: The Berlin Today Award


    Feb. 13 at 22:30 UTC

    The German film


    Feb. 14 at 22:30 UTC

    Planned topics:

    • End of Berlinale and Golden Bear awards
    • Afghan film makers at the Berlinale Talent Campus
    • Music films at the Berlinale

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