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Press Releases

DW-TV Expands Arabic Programming to 12 Hours Daily

Deutsche Welle continues to develop innovative television for the Arabic world. Director General Erik Bettermann: “We are increasing Germany’s media presence in this important region and intensifying the dialogue.”


Ezdehar Sheashaa, Host of Journal on DW-TV ARABIA.

Deutsche Welle is increasing the Arabic programming on DW-TV once again. Starting November 3, 2008, Germany’s international broadcaster will offer 12 hours of programming in Arabic – instead of the eight hours that were offered up until now.

“We are increasing Germany’s media presence in one of the most important regions and media markets in the world,” says Deutsche Welle Director General Erik Bettermann. “Deutsche Welle will communicate the values and perspectives that represent our country throughout the world – including human rights, freedom and democratic development.” The expansion of the programming volume is accompanied by more regionalized content. “By tailoring our content for Northern Africa, Sudan, the Arabic countries and Iraq we can help improve the intercultural dialogue there,” says Bettermann. “This is a very heterogeneous region that differs not only geographically, but in its political and cultural characteristics as well – our content needs to represent that.”

The 12-hour programming schedule for DW-TV ARABIA will be characterized by the latest news from politics, business, culture, society and sport. The schedule will be complemented by documentaries and features dubbed in Arabic and magazines with Arabic subtitles.

DW-TV ARABIA is broadcast via Nilesat 102 and Hotbird 8. Its balanced mix of English and Arabic reaches more than 10 million viewers in more than 20 countries from Morocco to Saudi Arabia and Iraq. A live stream is also available on the Internet.

New: Culture Salon in Morocco

Corresponding with the programming expansion in November, Bettermann announced a joint project with a partner in the Arabic world. “We will start working with the Moroccan national broadcaster SNRT to produce Culture Salon – a show that examines the world of art and culture in Europe and Arabic countries.” This is the third co-production that has been developed by Deutsche Welle and its partners in the Arabic world in the last year.

In May 2008, the company partnered with Egyptian television station ERTU in Egypt to produce “Youth Across Borders”. This talk show brings younger individuals from Germany and Egypt together to discuss current affairs and show short films that they created themselves. The monthly talk show will alternate being produced in Berlin and Cairo. In March 2008, Deutsche Welle partnered with the Algerian broadcaster EPTV to produce an Arabic talk show: “North-South Dialogue”. In both cases, the partners agreed to a long-term partnership. In addition, Deutsche Welle has been producing a radio program with Radio Dishla in Iraq since 2005. Hosts discuss current events from politics, culture and business with listeners and guests.

“The populace in Arabic countries is young – around 50 percent of the people are under 25 years of age,” explains Bettermann. Co-production projects with partners in these countries are especially interesting for a younger audience – a market that
DW-TV is looking to for the future.

All of these co-productions are funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. “Working with select partner stations is an essential part of our sales strategy,” says Bettermann. “It helps us to reach the people who represent our most important target audience.”

By increasing the amount of programming in Arabic countries, Deutsche Welle will be able to intensify the examination of societal developments in those countries and further develop the dialogue with people who are interested in Europe and Germany. “We are going along this path knowing that there are similarities and differences,” Bettermann emphasized.

On-air since 2002

Iran and the Arab world are important target regions for Deutsche Welle, as defined by the company’s strategic plan. DW-TV ARABIA was launched in August 2002 as part of Deutsche Welle’s long-term strategy in the Arab world. Individuals in this region can also take advantage of the programming and content from DW-RADIO and DW-WORLD.DE.

October 29, 2008

Christoph Jumpelt

Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

T. +49.228.429-2041