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Press Releases

DW-TV: Bring on the Oscars with "KINO"

Germany's international television service launches monthly film magazine with partners


Ute Soldierer is presenting KINO - The German Film Magazine

Deutsche Welle wants to support German films by intensifying their international image. In cooperation with the "Filmförderungsanstalt FFA" in Berlin and the "Export-Union des Deutschen Films GmbH", DW-TV will launch a new format on 7 June 2003 on the occasion of the Deutsche Filmpreis ceremonies in Berlin: KINO - The German Film Magazine will report each month on the latest German films and on international productions in Germany's movie landscape. The magazine will be broadcast in German and English.

Since Caroline Link brought the Oscar for the best foreign-language film back to Germany with "Nowhere in Africa" and "Good Bye Lenin" began breaking box office records, German film is back on the up current and is gaining increased interest overseas.

The focus of the new magazine by DW-TV is on conveying an authentic inside look at filmmaking. KINO reports from shooting on the set and presents actors, directors, screenwriters and producers. The journalists in Berlin seek out new stylistic types in film, reveal developments and trends in European cinema and give film critics and foreign protagonists who play a film role in Germany their say. KINO reports on German film festivals in other countries as well as visiting the big international festival.

Ute Soldierer is the presenter of both the German and English versions. The 32-year old native of Cologne is a trained actor with experience in theatre, films and television.

KINO is produced at the SONY Center on Potsdamer Platz in the centre of Berlin. It is the home of the German Film Academy DFFB, the Film Museum, the Berlinale and roughly two dozen cinemas.

KINO - The German Film Magazine debuts in July. The German version will be broadcast the first Thursday of every month. The English version follows on Saturdays at 18.30 UTC, and then is rebroadcast Sundays, at 0.30, 06.30 and 12.30 UTC.

6 June 2003

Contact: DW-TV - Kulturredaktion (Arts Desk),
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Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

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