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Press Releases

DW to expand online partnership with Hürriyet

DW and Turkey's leading daily newspaper, Hürriyet, are cooperating extensively online. Hürriyet's World Web Coordinator Bülent Mumay and DW Director General Peter Limbourg agreed the partnership at a meeting in Bonn.


Hürriyet World Web Coordinator Bülent Mumay and DW Director General Peter Limbourg

The first phase involves Hürriyet integrating DW online content into its world news section. The two media organizations will expand the partnership step by step to include video sharing, co-productions and joint social media activities.

"With Hürriyet Online, we have secured the most successful online partner in Turkey. The quality content produced by our Turkish editorial team will be placed prominently on the Hürriyet website, thereby ensuring greater presence for German perspectives in the future in Turkey," said Limbourg.

"We have brought Internet journalism in Turkey to a whole new dimension. Our partnerships with the world's leading news media organizations are a result of this huge effort," said Bülent Mumay, adding, "Our collaboration with Deutsche Welle - just as with the BBC - means a great deal. Cooperating with such an important organization in Germany, where millions of people of Turkish descent are based, offers an excellent cultural and professional contribution to the relationship between the two countries."

With 2.3 million visitors per day, Hürriyet is among the leading news websites in Europe. Deutsche Welle reaches more than 100 million users around the world weekly with its content in 30 languages.

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