DW-RADIO′s English Service moves to Bonn | DW-RADIO | DW | 18.07.2003
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DW-RADIO's English Service moves to Bonn

On 18 July 2003 DW-RADIO's English Service becomes the second of Deutsche Welle's 30 language services to move to the new broadcasting house in Bonn


DW-RADIO's new broadcasting centre in Bonn, Germany

Staff at the English Service of Deutsche Welle move some 30 kilometres down the River Rhine to DW's new broadcasting house starting on Friday, 18th July 2003. That means a lot of hard work for the staff, not only clearing out their offices in Cologne, but also moving into the new building in Bonn, one of the most modern broadcasting centres in the world. The first live broadcast from the new facilities is scheduled for 12.00 local time on 21 July when DW technicians make the switchover from the switchover from the studio in Cologne to the new studio complex in Bonn. Late on Friday, during the weekend and on Monday morning a skeleton team will keep our broadcasts going from Cologne. The move has been prepared carefully by DW technical staff who have linked telephone, computer and broadcasting systems in Bonn and Cologne in recent months. The move will be completed in September.