DW-RADIO wins top awards in New York International Radio Festivals | Press Releases | DW | 21.06.2002
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Press Releases

DW-RADIO wins top awards in New York International Radio Festivals

Double gold and UN award for International Co-productions and English Service


New York Radio Festival 2002 - the winners are...: (l.t.r.) Gudrun Heise (DW), Michelle Oquendo (Rádio Visión, Quito), Breandàin O'Shea und Ramón Garcia-Ziemsen (both DW)

DW-RADIO has won the top awards in the 'Social Issues/Current Events' and 'Culture and the Arts' categories of the New York Festivals radio programming competition. More than 1,200 programmes from 35 countries were submitted to the competition, which attracts entries from the world's leading broadcasters.

The Gold Medal in the 'Social Issues/Current Events' category was awarded to the International Co-productions Department for "A Rose dropped from Heaven...", a feature on child labour in Ecuador made jointly by Michelle Oquendo of Rádio Visión in Quito and Ramón Garcia-Ziemsen for DW-RADIO. The programme is one of a 15-part series of international co-productions on Child Survival.

It also received a bronze medal from the UNDPI for 'outstanding programmes which best exemplify the ideals and goals of the United Nations'. Editors Sabine Hartert and Petra Reategui are responsible for the series.

Another co-production from the series "We're learning to read and drive a moped", a feature on the educational situation of girls in the African country of Mali, by Werner Herzog (DW) and Boudia Konté Niaré of Radio Nationale in Mali, won the bronze medal in the 'Social Issues/Current Events' category.

The Gold Medal in the 'Arts and Culture' category went to DW-RADIO's weekly English-language programme Arts on the Air, produced and presented by Gudrun Heise and Breandàin O'Shea. The 30-minute programme presents high-quality features on all genres of the arts with a special emphasis on cross-cultural ventures.

The Features Department, headed by Dr. Irene Quaile-Kersken, was also awarded Finalist Certificates for a 3-part Living in Germany series on "Coming to Terms with the Legacy of the Past' and a special 'Space Tourism' edition of the science magazine Spectrum.

This year's awards are the latest in a series of successes for DW-RADIO's feature programmes over the last few years, including the UN Gold Award in 2001.

21 June 2002

Authors/Producers in New York: (49) 0173 267 2643
DW-RADIO, Cologne/Germany:
49 221 389 2801 (Sabine Hartert) - 49 221 389 4571 (Dr. Irene Quaile-Kersken)
Photos: frank.liesegang@dw-world.de

Christoph Jumpelt

Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

T. +49.228.429-2041