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Press Releases

DW-RADIO: Bulgarian National Broadcasting Adopts New Programs

Agreement Signed for Rebroadcasting and Correspondent Sharing

Deutsche Welle and Bulgarian National Broadcasting (BNB) have closed a deal for rebroadcasting rights. Beginning January 1, 2002, BNB will transmit seven programs from DW Radio's Bulgarian Service. The agreement was announced by the Deutsche Welle on December 11, 2001.

The Bulgarian public broadcaster transmits two programs that can be heard nationwide, as well as in parts of the neighboring countries of Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania.

DW and BNB have also agreed to share correspondents in southeast and western Europe.

December 11, 2001

Christoph Jumpelt

Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

T. +49.228.429-2041