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Press Releases

DW expands partnerships in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories

From December, Ma’an Media Network will begin broadcasting DW's youth program Shababtalk, and cable TV station HOT will be transmitting DW's German program. The existing cooperation with Channel 9 will also be expanded.

DW is enhancing its presence in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories. On Thursday, November 5, DW's Director General Peter Limbourg and Raed Othman, CEO of Ma’an Media Network, agreed on broadcasting the socially critical youth program Shababtalk and on producing an edition of the show in Israel in 2016. DW's weekly program, hosted by Jaafar Abdul Karim, reaches millions of viewers and has established itself as "the voice of the Arab youth." Ma’an TV is an independent station that was founded in 2002, its programs are among the most important sources of information in the Palestinian Territories.

During his visit to Israel, Peter Limbourg and HOT's Director Ron Harmelin agreed on the transmission of DW's 24-hour German program from December 2015. The Israeli cable TV station has already been broadcasting DW's English-language channel since the summer. HOT has a technical reach of 60 percent of households in the country.

Limbourg and representatives of DW's partner Channel 9 discussed the expansion of the existing cooperation. In the near future Channel 9 will begin to broadcast DW's Russian news program "DW-Nowosti." Channel 9 has the largest coverage range in Russian outside of Russia. The TV station can be received via cable or by satellite not only in Israel, but also in the USA, Canada, Australia and Germany.

Christoph Jumpelt

Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

T. +49.228.429-2041