DW and Nigeria′s Channels TV to produce joint environmental magazine | Global Ideas | DW | 09.12.2015
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Global Ideas

DW and Nigeria's Channels TV to produce joint environmental magazine

Germany's international broadcaster and the Nigerian network will jointly produce a new environmental magazine - Eco@Africa. The chairmen of both organizations signed an agreement at the Paris climate talks on Wednesday.


German Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (far right), Channels TV chairman John Momoh, DW chairman Peter Limbourg and Nigerian Environment Minister Amina J. Mohammed

German Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks has hailed the cooperation as an example of the joint national efforts that are required to combat global warming. The new TV magazine called Eco@Africa is set to be jointly produced in Berlin and Lagos and will focus on the particular challenges that environmental problems pose for Nigeria and Africa.

"Climate change challenges us all. We have to overcome this challenge together. And what could be better than deeper insights about each other. I am delighted about this new program by Deutsche Welle and Channels TV which showcases successful environmental projects," Hendricks said at the event during the COP21 climate talks in Paris on Wednesday.

Her Nigerian counterpart, Amina J. Mohammed, highlighted the role of the media as a vital communicator:

"The media plays an incredibly important role in communicating information about collective environmental efforts. I am very happy about this new program, particularly as Africans are heavily threatened by climate change but they are also the least informed," she said at the German Pavillion in Le Bourget, where the signing took place.

For DW, Germany's international broadcaster, the joint production of a TV magazine across continents is the first cooperation of this kind.

"This is the first real co-production with Africa. Produced in Lagos and Berlin and aired by Deutsche Welle and Channels TV, this is an important step for us because it is a real collaboration," DW chairman Peter Limbourg said.
Channels TV chairman John Momoh stressed the link between the two broadcasters: "This emphasizes the strong partnership between Deutsche Welle and Channels TV. Together we will inform about the great efforts to protect the environment."