DW-AKADEMIE in the Middle East | Middle East/North Africa | DW | 10.07.2008
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Middle East/North Africa

DW-AKADEMIE in the Middle East

DW-AKADEMIE is trying to use this leeway to advance the skills of journalists, technicians and media managers. It is also supporting the production and broadcasting of citizen-oriented, local programming which strengthen civil society. Where possible, DW-AKADEMIE is also promoting independent stations and journalists. Conferences such as the annual Young Media Summit encourage the exchange and networking between media workers in the region and Germany.

DW-AKADEMIE is concentrating on those countries demonstrating a concrete willingness to reform. The current focus is on Egypt, the Palestinian territories, the Afghanistan/Pakistan region and South Sudan. Last year, additional projects took place in Yemen, Syria and northern Iraq as well as at the international Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU).


01.2011 DW-AKADEMIE Tilman Rascher

Tilman Rascher
Head, Middle East Division