DW-AKADEMIE in Europe and Central Asia | Europe/Central Asia | DW | 10.07.2008
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Europe/Central Asia

DW-AKADEMIE in Europe and Central Asia

The countries which made up the Soviet Union and the former socialist states of central and eastern Europe are undergoing a difficult transition process.

The situation in Afghanistan demands particular attention. After nearly three decades of war, Afghanistan is in the process of trying to establish a working political system. For some years DW-AKADEMIE has been helping to set up a news department for state-run broadcaster Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA), thus making an important contribution to the country's process of democratization.

DW-AKADEMIE is also active in the following countries and regions: The Baltic states, Belarus, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, the Caucasus, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia.

DW-AKADEMIE's regional partners include:

  • Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA), Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Ariana FM, Afghanistan
  • Albanian Media Institute, Tirana, Albania
  • Public Radio of Armenia and Radio "Hay" 106,6, Eriwan/Gyumri, Armenia
  • Azerbaijan Media Center (Media Merkez), Azerbaijan
  • Belorussian Association of Journalists, Minsk, Belarus
  • Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Bosnia-Hercegovina
  • "Media Union", Bischkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • Radio Kontakt Plus, Kosovo
  • National Broadcasting Council of Latvia, Latvia
  • Lithuania Radio and Television (LRT), Vilnius, Lithuania
  • RTCG Radio and Television Crna Gora, Montenegro
  • Radio of Romania (ROR), Romania
  • Freies Deutsch-Russisches Institut für Publizistik, Rostov/Don, Russia
  • Radio Sibir and Radio "Vostik Rossii", Tomsk/Chabarowsk, Russia
  • School of Journalism, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Radio Vatan, Duschanbe, Tadjikistan
  • Radio "Garmonia Mira" und "Ekoradio", Odessa/Lwiw, Ukraine
  • National Radio Company of Ukraine, Ukraine


    Mathis Winkler, International Media Studies

    Mathis Winkler
    Head, Europe and Central Asia Division