Dolezych: market leader in ropes, belts and fastenings | Family Business | DW | 29.12.2008
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Family Business

Dolezych: market leader in ropes, belts and fastenings

Dolezych played a crucial part in Christo and Jean-Claude's famous wrapping of the Reichstag in 1995. It was spectacular advertisement for the Dortmund company's products.


But Dolezych's ropes, belts, and fastenings have a far wider application than just the art world. Dolezych has become the German market leader in its field. And Managing partner Udo Dolezych is leading the company to international success, with subisidaries in Poland, Ukraine, China, and soon- Chile. As President of Dortmund's Chamber of Commerce he accompanied Chancellor Merkel in a delegation to China. He was quick to recognise that German industry must adjust to a globalised market-place. Report by Carmen Meyer

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