Does Germany Need More Immigrants? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 01.06.2004
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Social Media

Does Germany Need More Immigrants?

Germany's proposed immigration law will make it somewhat easier for skilled foreign workers to enter the country. DW-WORLD readers comment on the issue.


Will his Green Card be renewed?

I completed my Masters in computer science in Heidelberg, Germany. Now I am looking for job opportunities, and one can imagine how bad the market is for IT jobs. So I strongly think the German government should pass the immigration law as soon as possible so that people who lost jobs on their green card can still stay here and look for some other alternatives. -- Sunil Varma Rudraraju

Indeed, this is the beginning of Germany to be in the top economic position for the near future among the first world countries. The new law will promote the skilled workers to help improve the German economy. It will also be tougher for religious extremists and terrorism activists (to enter the country), which was not implemented by the U.S. and Britain. -- Keyur Patel, India

I strongly agree that German society has the natural right to keep their tradition and laws high and the well-being of the German people as a first and supreme priority. But if those kind of people do have a genuine an honest intention to integrate themselves in the German society and economy, even if this means a great deal of additional effort beside keeping a high professional standard, then why not? It is hardly imaginable that some thousands will affect strongly the German market labour, but it is evident that their economic contribution is beneficial, short and long term. So, if what they give is more then what they take, where is the difficulty in granting them the chance to continue to do so? Personally, I had an offer from a Frankfurt consulting firm some three years ago, an offer that I declined. Should I wonder now if it was a wise move or not? Would I have been in the position to pack my bags now? -- Dan Cristian Georgescu

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