Do adhesive bandages help heal a cut? | Dr. Lekutat’s answers | DW | 04.12.2015
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Dr. Lekutat anwers your questions

Do adhesive bandages help heal a cut?

Milla Leppänen from Finnland came up with this question. This is what Dr. Lekutat's answer.

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Do adhesive bandages help heal a cut?

Dr. Lekutat's answer:

Small cuts can happen in the blink of an eye. Larger wounds or more serious wounds should always receive medical treatment, of course. But smaller cuts and scrapes can be treated at home. It’s often said that cuts heal better when they’re exposed to air than under an adhesive bandage. But that’s not actually true – unfortunately there’s no way to speed up wound healing. But an adhesive bandage can help keep a wound clean and prevent chafing, which can slow down or even impair healing. Once the wound has dried and scabbed over, you can remove the adhesive bandage. Wounds that are chronic or that are healing poorly can sometimes be helped by special moist dressings. In such cases a doctor prescribes special gel or foam dressings.

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