Djibouti: Digital Production in Modern Radio Formats | Africa | DW | 17.06.2008
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Djibouti: Digital Production in Modern Radio Formats

The national broadcaster Radio Television Djibouti is currently upgrading its entire production facilities with digital equipment. This means both technicians and journalists must learn new ways of working and thinking.

Training participants

The introduction of modern digital technology requires new work flows and production methods. For this reason, Radio Television Djibouti (RTD) asked DW Akademie for support in retraining its personnel.

Twelve RTD employees involved in the production of radio reports met on the Horn of Africa, in Djibouti - the goal of their course was to improve the quality of the radio broadcasts.

Training participants

The course emphasized modern journalism techniques and principles. At the end of the training, interviews, features and news items were produced in digital format and combined to form a magazine show.

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