Digital. Simply better.<br> DW-RADIO in Europe. | DW Digital Radio DRM | DW | 04.04.2006
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DW Digital Radio DRM

Digital. Simply better.
DW-RADIO in Europe.

The digital revolution is coming to short wave radio and Deutsche Welle is one of the first international broadcasters to have started daily transmissions in the new digital DRM standard.


Classic construction - with modern content: DW-RADIO's transmitter in Sines, Portugal is rated among the most sophisticated due to its digital capabilities.

DW-RADIO is go-anywhere radio. You can receive DW analogue programmes worldwide with minimum fuss. All it takes is a small portable receiver. Wherever you are – on holiday, a business trip or an adventure tour – DW-RADIO is always there with you. Look forward to the digital age of this limitless radio that’s being launched in Europe. Complete with receivers to match today’s modern, mobile lifestyle.

One for all.

Deutsche Welle broadcasts its digital radio programmes in the DRM standard. DRM stands for Digital Radio Mondiale and is the only internationally recognised non-proprietory standard for the digitisation of shortwave programming. This new technology is equally gaining ground in the long and medium wave ranges around the globe. Deutsche Welle plays a major role in the technical development of DRM and its successful launch. It’s the broadcaster with the most on-air programme hours in this digital transmission mode.

There’s even more in store for you.

The Deutsche Welle DRM package comes in programmes in German and English. DW-RADIO provides information on politics, culture and business with a focus on inside stories for an international audience. Digital transmission mode also opens up the option for a wider choice of music in top quality: pop, jazz and classical, from Germany and Europe. Deutsche Welle is the first broadcaster to play mainly music produced in Germany. Major productions from other European countries round off our radio shows. That’s how programmes from the heart of Europe are made for a modern, European audience.

What a sound!

What Deutsche Welle is counting on with its digital shortwave programmes – initially in Europe – is optimal reception. Digital Radio Mondiale is designed to retain the advantages of analogue shortwave radio – cross-border information. Simultaneously it aims to avoid the drawbacks of occasionally difficult reception and sometimes severe fluctuations in sound quality.

Deutsche Welle has established a modern DRM broadcasting network in Europe. That means it’s already available in digital quality in large areas of the continent, including key tourist regions. Digital quality stands for constantly good, interference-free reception. On the road as well as at home.

You’ll like what you hear.

Impressive here is the sound quality achieved by the new technology – incidentally, the same system as used by MP3 players. Previously it was only possible to transmit a limited sound spectrum. That inevitably led to speech-dominated programmes. Not any more! Digital broadcasts emerge from the speakers loud and clear. So you are in for a treat when you listen to the sound spectrum transmitted – whether in the form of music or, for instance, live sports coverage.

Digital? The clear choice.

Analogue broadcasting transmits a sequence of fluctuations of electromagnetic fields corresponding to the original sound waves, or analogous to it. Conversely, the digital method transmits the sound information as a series of bits, or saves and transfers it in a sequence of digits. Your advantage? Any interference that would impair the signal doesn’t reach you. Digital radio only transmits what it should transmit – pure sound.

How do you rate these extras?

Digital radio is more than a digital frequency display. It also gives you more information and easy operation. The instant you tune into digital programmes on Deutsche Welle you see the station identification, current main headlines and contact information on your display. You select stations by name – so you can say goodbye to frequency lists and tedious searches. Once set to a station name, your DRM receiver automatically finds the right frequency. Even when you are on the go – anywhere in Europe, simply, digitally!

Enjoy tomorrow’s lifestyle today.

Rewinding a live programme, delayed listening (pause button) and automatic recording – the new Digital Radio Mondiale standard enables the radio set manufacturers to integrate new functions like this into their receivers. So you decide when and where you listen to what. In your car, at home or on the Underground, live or recorded. Deutsche Welle is a pioneer in digitisation. Keeping you ahead of the game. And perfectly informed about what goes on around the world.

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  • Date 04.04.2006
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