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Digital media, citizen journalism, and whistleblowing: Overcoming the challenges of national security and corporate capture in 2015

Hosted by Free Press Unlimited andthe Project on Organizing, Development, Education and Research (PODER)
Wednesday, June 24 / Room F/G

In today's digital media environment, whistleblowing has taken center stage. From WikiLeaks to Chelsea Manning to Mexico's Aristegui-gate, much attention has focused on the anonymity of whistleblowers and the security of filtration systems. These cases and many more would have been impossible without tools like the TOR browser, PGP e-mail encryption, the Tails safe operating system, or the anonymous digital dropbox GlobalLeaks. Beyond mere digital curiosities, these tools are becoming the staples of digital journalism, particularly in the national security context.

This interactive panel will delve into the use of secure filtration systems for journalists and whistleblowers, how they help us improve citizen journalism, and some innovative applications by civil society in the Netherlands, Mexico, and beyond.

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