Did the Iraq War Damage the Fight Against Terrorism? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 20.03.2004
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Did the Iraq War Damage the Fight Against Terrorism?

A new study shows that dissatisfaction with the United States' foreign policy is growing around the world. DW-WORLD readers comment on the question whether the war in Iraq harmed or help the fight against terrorism.


About 1,500 anti-war protesters near the U.S. military base in Ramstein, Germany on Saturday.

I think the American pro-war attitude has assuredly made this world less safe. I sympathize with those that feel bullied around by America's militarism, favouritism, and ignorance. I am extrememly happy that Germany stayed clear of this ridiculous conflict that was so based on lies and greed. -- Christoph Dettling, Canada

The Wild West show put on by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld in Iraq has torn a hole in the American psyche. Americans want to believe that our government would not put us in harm's way for revenge against a foreign leader, that placed a bounty on a former president's life. The fight against "violent" world terrorism is real, but it is being weakened by "do it my way" right-wing conservative activists in the party of Pres. Bush. -- James Greaser

I believe the Iraq war has helped the war on terrorism. Removing Saddam Hussein is just a step in the process, but a good step. He started a war with his neighbor (Iran) that took a million lives, attacked Kuwait, gassed his own people, and these are just the things that we know about. What was he doing that we did not know about? This was a evil and violent man. Hopefully now, Iraq won't be a staging point for anti-western terrorist activities. --

James A LaPeer

The United States has a habit of declaring war on social problems at the drop of a hat; wars on drugs, crime, and poverty come to mind. And now a war on terrorism. I see the war on terrorism about as rational and likely to succeed as wars on those other fronts. A true "war on terrorism" would probably be waged by addressing our policies of arrogance, greed, and exploitation which are the root cause of the fervent hatred terrorists have for us. The war in Iraq was not fought to quell terrorism, but rather to gain control of an oil rich country in the middle east. Thus far, this war has only served to throw fuel on the fire. -- Jim Peterson

I do not believe the Iraq war has anything to do with terrorism. I believe it is the result of a president who has very little regard for the will of the people and limited moral integrity. He fabricated the danger and took advantage of the fear the American people had as a result of September 11th. This war will do nothing to make the world safer. Our outrage at Saddam Hussein and his treatment of the Iraqi people was justified, however a war against those same people makes our outrage a deceit in itself. -- Vikki Bell, USA

It would be my hope that the world would constructively engage the U.S. and not allow it to crawl into a defensive fog of ultra-nationalism. Our coming national election will offer us Americans a chance to redeem ourselves. If Bush is re-elected, it will serve to strengthen the hand of the terrorists who wish to destroy civilization. -- Mike Benefield

America's removal of one of the worst dictators in the world has caused many to question the United States honesty and commitment to democracy. In other words, if we leave dictators in power the world will consider us a more decent support of democracy? -- Jeff Scudder

I think the so-called war on terror is largely a political ploy by the Bush administration. The invasion of Iraq has damaged efforts to control international terrorism, I believe. I'm sad to say that Americans, in general, show very little knowledge or understanding of politics and world affairs. Europeans, with the objectivity of distance, have a much keener perception of the situation. Mr. Bush, whose election is highly questionable, has employed every means to look more legitimate and effective in his presidency, but the fact remains he was, and is, truly unprepared by way of temperament and experience for the job he has grasped by appeal to a partisan Supreme Court. His whole administration has been marked by the desire for all possible secrecy and accumulation of power in the office of the president, profoundly undemocratic principles. -- James Yelvington

I believe that the actions and behaviors of the present administration and it's far right allies in congress have damaged, almost beyond repair, America's ability to lead the fight against terror. It has vastly undermined the fight against terror and provided ten times more recruits to terror than were possible before. -- Kevin G. Farrell, USA

This country is in worse shape than it's been since the depression. The "War Against Terrorism" is a smokescreen to hide the multitude of sins that this Administration has committed. Our illustrious President isn't smart enough to tie his own shoes, and his "consultants" all have hidden agendas to further their own wealth. -- LaCelle Howard

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