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Deutsche Welle: DW-TV and DW-WORLD.DE Accessible in China

Deutsche Welle's TV channel and Web sites are accessible throughout China following a period of censorship by Chinese authorities. A top-level telephone conversation helped end the impasse.

Screenshot of DW-WORLD.DE's Chinese Web site

DW-WORLD.DE/Chinese can be seen in China again

Following a telephone conversation between German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his Chinese counterpart, Yang Jiechi, on Friday, Aug. 1, Deutsche Welle's Web site, DW-WORLD.DE, can be accessed throughout China. The program of German foreign broadcaster DW-TV, which is offered as one of 20 international programs in the Olympic Village cable net, could be seen in the Olympic Village and the Olympic press center over the weekend.

Deutsche Welle's Director-General Erik Bettermann had talked to Steinmeier about the availability of the offerings of Germany's foreign broadcaster in China. He also talked to Steinmeier about the broadcaster's long-term strategy in terms of the Chinese media market.

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