Deutsche Welle Builds on its History in Indonesia | Press Releases | DW | 21.11.2008
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Press Releases

Deutsche Welle Builds on its History in Indonesia

DW-RADIO celebrates 45th anniversary of service in Indonesia. For the first time, blogs in Indonesian will be included and recognized at Deutsche Welle’s international blogging awards, The BOBs.

From November 21-23, Deutsche Welle will be meeting with its listeners and partners in Indonesia, as they come together in Jakarta to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Indonesian programming on DW-RADIO. To commemorate this milestone, Sybille Golte-Schroeder, Head of Asia Services for DW-RADIO and DW-WORLD.DE will be joined by Hendra Pasuhuk, Deputy Head of the Indonesian Program and Angelika Newel, Head of Distribution for Asia and Australia.

Apart from a two-hour radio program seven days a week, and an Indonesian website with news and information, Deutsche Welle works with partners in the region on co-productions and training projects. This past year, DW-RADIO produced a series entitled “Preservation of the Tropical Rainforest” in cooperation with 10 different radio partners from Indonesia.

“For 45 years, Deutsche Welle has been producing news and reports from and about Indonesia,” says Erik Bettermann, Deutsche Welle’s Director General. “Asia and Indonesia specifically, is important to us. Deutsche Welle was heavily involved in the reconstruction of the information structure following the tsunami in 2004, but we also see our involvement in the region as a way to increase intercultural dialogue. We will be focusing on this relationship in the future.”

Indonesian included at Deutsche Welle’s weblog awards
This year, Indonesia will also be in focus in the blogosphere. For the first time ever, Deutsche Welle will be presenting an award for blogs in Indonesian at this year’s BOBs Awards on November 27. The awards now include blogs in 11 different languages from around the world. The jury member nominated for Indonesian is Budi Putra, who works for and is a full-time blogger himself. He previously worked at the daily newspaper Koran Tempo and is the founder of the English-language blog titled “Asia Blogging Network”.

November 21, 2008

Christoph Jumpelt

Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

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