Deutsche Welle: 80 hours of Beethoven worldwide | Press Releases | DW | 05.04.2006
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Press Releases

Deutsche Welle: 80 hours of Beethoven worldwide

South Africa is the partner of the DW orchestral campus initiative - Deutsche Welle commissions music composition from South Africa


Beethovenfest Bonn - DW-TV's Arts.21 reports

As the Beethovenfest’s media partner and one of its three main sponsors, Deutsche Welle is once again making the festival a global event in 2006 via DW-RADIO/Deutsch and on several of its 30 other language programmes, as well as on DW-TV (in German, English and Spanish) and via DW-WORLD.DE on the special website:

Preliminary reporting on the event, which includes a Beethoven quiz, has already begun on many DW broadcasts. Beginning in April, Deutsche Welle will be promoting the festival by broadcasting trailers all over the world. DW-RADIO and DW-TV will air about 400 spots per month. Altogether, more than 5,000 programme minutes of Beethovenfest events will be produced by DW-RADIO and DW-TV. DW-WORLD.DE will offer audio files and selected manuscript material.

After highly successful guest performances by outstanding youth orchestras from Kiev, Istanbul, Tiblisi, Beijing and Cracow, Deutsche Welle recommended that the South African National Youth Orchestra (SANYO) appear at the orchestral campus in Bonn, this year.

At the same time, DW has commissioned a composition by the South African composer Hans Huyssen. His new work will premier in Bonn on 9th September 2006 performed by the South African National Youth Orchestra. This marks the sixth time that the Deutsche Welle has commissioned a work for the annual event. The orchestral campus is under the patronage of German President Horst Köhler.

April 2006