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Despite Strife, Coach Loew Remains Upbeat About 2008

Germany coach Joachim Loew has admitted to dissenting voices in the national team squad but still feels the Euro 2008 finalists can look back "positively overall" on the year.

Joachim Loew

Joggi Loew said he has to remind players of certain rules -- like when to give interviews

While the media continue to focus on dissent within the German national team, Loew said he had several positive memories from the past year.

Apart from the run to the final in the summer, where they lost 1-0 to Spain, Loew also pointed to his side's confident start to the 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign, where Germany top Group 4 with 10 points from four games.

Loew and Ballack at a press conference

Even after they make up, Loew and Ballack don't always see eye-to-eye

"We also noticed though that there was some disharmony after the European Championships," Loew said in an interview published on the Web site of the German Soccer Federation (DFB).

This disharmony seems to have been triggered by Loew's decision to drop Torsten Frings in two World Cup qualifiers, which led the veteran midfielder to publicly lambast his coach.

Team captain Michael Ballack also criticized the move, saying it showed a lack of respect for long-time Germany players. Loew subsequently ordered Ballack to apologize. As a result, Ballack remained on the team and its captain.

In addition, forward Kevin Kuranyi walked out of the team after being cut from the roster and watching a match from the stands.

Loew said the public discussions had not had a positive effect on the Germany team and lessons had to be learned.

"We have seen that you have to constantly remind several players of certain rules. It's a never-ending process," he said. "But everything has been openly discussed."

Loew said the priority now was to qualify for 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

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