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Demonstrators Block Nuclear Waste Transport

Around 100 anti-nuclear power demonstrators blocked the last stretch of train tracks between Lüneburg and Dannenberg in the northern German state of Lower Saxony on Tuesday morning to prevent a transport of nuclear waste casks from reaching a storage facility in Gorleben. Police cleared the tracks, while demonstrators on other parts of the route tried to chain themselves to the rails. More blockades are expected before the train reaches Dannenberg, where the 12 casks will be loaded onto trucks and driven to Gorleben. Demonstrators repeatedly scuffled with police, who arrested at least one person. In Lower Saxony alone 13,000 officers are patrolling the streets and train tracks in the largest police operation in German history. The waste started its journey from La Hague, France, on Monday night and has been accompanied by demonstrations and attempted blockades since it crossed into Germany.