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Daniel from Mexico

We should finally become world citizens and start thinking beyond our own borders. That’s Daniel’s wish. DW triggered and appeased his longing for other cultures at the same time.

Name: Daniel
City / Country: Monclova / Mexico
Year of birth: 1978
Occupation: logistics

I use DW because I can stay in touch with the most recent news and articles from Germany, Europe and the world, with the DW’s particular style of information: objective, precise and reliable. I also brush up on my German language skills, which I really love and like to learn.

I am interested in general articles from Germany and Europe, languages forums and courses.

What I especially like about DW is the international focus they give to the network, the diversity of topics and the way the articles and dossiers are handled, in a very professional and analytical way that takes the full attention of the public. I also like the support given to learning about the German language and culture.

My first experience with DW was when I was teenager here in Mexico, I always dreamed of acquiring knowledge with overseas cultures and travel, especially to Europe. At that time contact with other countries besides the USA was very poor - especially if you lived in a small city in the North. So DW was my first access to Europe and Germany when we started to receive the TV programming by satellite. I become a fan of DW and its programming, and I enjoyed the journals and especially the sport and musical sections (BIG Top 40 was the favorite program for me and my sister). I also tried to learn the German language on my own since there were no schools in my region where you could learn it. It also opened my mind to studying on University on international trade and maybe even winning a scholarship to study in Europe for a semester. Finally I visit Germany and make one of my dreams come true.

My wish for the future: We need to become citizens of the world, and start thinking not only locally buy globaly, being aware that our decisions or mistakes will affect not only us, but also our children and future generations. Technology is changing our world and bringing us closer, but it must be driven with a common goal for a general improvement of life for everybody. Ecology and social problems have to be taken into consideration. Human will is the main force we have and if this is for good we still have hope.

Sent by: Daniel from Mexico
Edited by: Jeanette Müller