Daniel Coats: The Chancellor gave a helpful sign | Press Releases | DW | 04.04.2003
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Press Releases

Daniel Coats: The Chancellor gave a helpful sign

US-ambassador to Germany in an interview with DW-RADIO

US-Ambassador to Germany, Daniel Coats, responded to Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s policy speech today in Berlin. In an interview with the English Service of DW-RADIO Coats said: "The chancellor said this morning that Germany wants to play a significant role in the post conflict Iraq in rebuilding that country. That is a helpful sign. And I know we will look forward to working together to find ways to accomplish that and accomodate the German wishes which we appreciate of."

Coats went on: "We are hoping that what has happened here with Iraq won’t translate into something that will lead to anti-Americanism, we hope that Germans will see that we were attempting to do the right thing and enforce in fact what the United Nations had agreed on and that is holding Saddam Hussein to his commitment".

In Coats‘ opinion the United Nations will be able to recover after failing to resolve the Iraq crisis diplomatically. Daniel Coats: "But there will be another opportunity here for the UN as a community of nations to engage in a post conflict Iraq situation which can bring relief and help to the people of Iraq and help in building a strong new nation in Iraq led by people who are not dictators. So this is something that we will work together on and the UN can use this as a basis of defining its role in terms of how it addresses these new threats, these new challenges of the 21st century."

3rd of april 2003

Christoph Jumpelt

Christoph Jumpelt

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