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Damask and Fairy Lights - Christmas Preparations in the Vatican

Rome is the eternal city, and the Vatican, in the heart of it, puts itself in charge of that eternity. The headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church is a magical place, steeped in myth, legend and history.


Dazzling light decorations on the Vatican's Christmas tree.

The Vatican is the smallest and one of the most secretive countries in a world that has seen little more than the splendorous and solemn ceremonies that take place there. But what makes the Vatican tick? How do its inner workings work? Who are the many people who keeping it running day to day? What is daily life in the Vatican like?

24.11.2008 DW-TV im Focus Schwester Aga

Sister Aga, Garment Designer to the Pope

Sister Aga, garment designer to the Pope, tells about the robes she has created for the Holy Father. She uses state-of-the-art technology, sketching the Pontiff's chasubles on her PC. The master of Papal ceremonies for many years, Archbishop Piero Marini explains, "The Pope has good taste, like everyone who has to do with these things. But when designing, you always have to try to feel your way into the taste of the simple people of God."

24.11.2008 DW-TV im Focus Chorknaben

Boy's Choir in Rehearsal for the Christmas Matins.

The young men of the Sistine Chapel's boys' choir divide their time between video games, table football and voice training. They are the ones who sing when the Pontiff celebrates mass in St. Peter's Basilica. But their games are likely to suffer during the grueling rehearsal schedule for the Christmas matins.

This is a journey of discovery through Vatican City in the weeks before Christmas and during the yuletide festival itself.

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