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Daimler posts record half-year sales

Daimler sold a record number of cars in the first six months of 2014. While the firm's sales jumped the highest in China, the German carmaker also managed to grow in crisis-stricken European markets.

Daimler sold a record 783,520 vehicles in the first half of 2014, logging a 12.8 percent sales growth year on year, the car maker announced on Friday.

The Stuttgart-based company said it had increased its sales to 352,198 vehicles in the European market and gained additional market shares in almost every other market as well.

In Europe, sales in the UK and Switzerland saw strong growth of 17.8 percent and 7.7 percent respectively, while in the firm's home turf Germany, Mercedes-Benz continues to be the most registered premium brand with sales amounting to 125,215 units.

The US is Daimler's biggest sales market and the company sold 151,624 vehicles there since the beginning of the year.

The German firm's sales growth was highest in China during this period, with sales soaring by more than 37 percent to 135,972 cars. The company is planning to launch its new C-Class sedan in the Chinese market in September.

Sales of its small car, known as the "smart fortwo," however, fell by 9.7 percent to only 46,816 units. Despite this, Daimler

remains upbeat

and expects the growth to continue its upward trajectory, the company said.

"The first half of the year was extremely successful for us," said Ola Källenius, the company's sales and marketing head. "With the unit sales of our vehicles, we are on track to make 2014 into yet another record year."

sri/cjc (Reuters, dpa)

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