Curry breaks own record for three-pointers | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 08.11.2016
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Curry breaks own record for three-pointers

Stephen Curry has set a new record for three-pointers in a single NBA Game. The record-breaking performance came a game after he had missed all of his three-point attempts for the first time in two years.

Curry sank 13 of his 17 attempted three-pointers as his Golden State Warriorsbeat the winless New Orleans Pelicans 116-106 on Monday. This bettered the previous single-game record of 12, which he had shared with Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall.

"That's a pretty cool record to have," said Curry, who had 46 points on the night. "It probably won't last too long, the way guys shoot in this league. But to have the three point record is pretty special."

Curry had missed all of his 10 three-point attempts in his previous match, a 117-97 loss against the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday, the first time in two years that he had not drained a three.

"I wasn't even thinking about the 0 for 10 tonight," he said. "I was thinking about it a bit in practice for the last two days, but after that it was over. It was nice to keep shooting. And thankfully, they went in," he said.

The NBA's two-time reigning MVP also praised his Golden State teammates for helping put him in a position to set the record, particularly on his 13th and final three-pointer in the fourth quarter. 

"The guys set great screens all night. And on that last play they had the IQ to know where I was. Pretty fun night," he said.

pfd/mf (AFP, AP)

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