Culture - At Any Price? | DocFilm | DW | 28.12.2015
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Culture - At Any Price?

What role does culture play for Europeans? How much of it do we really need and what price are we willing to pay? Artists and culture experts from various cities across Europe attempt to provide answers.

08.12.2015 DW Doku Kultur 6

Musician Bernadette La Hengst is trying to raise money for her new album through crowdfunding.

How does art draw people to a city? Can crowd-funding save a musician? Documentary film maker Reinhild Dettmer-Finke gives a profile of Europe’s theater, art and music industry. He uses the countries and the projects in his film to demonstrate the problems artists face all over the world.

08.12.2015 DW Doku Kultur 1

The show must go on! Rehearsal in the Internationaal Danstheater with singer Joy Wilkiens.

The Netherlands have seen massive cuts to the culture sector. Sophie Lambo, director of Amsterdam’s Internationaal Danstheater, wants to revamp her theater and keep it alive. But she has a battle on her hands – there are grants for projects like these but many have already been scrapped as part of austerity cuts. The right-wing conservative government has cut the country’s culture budget by 40 percent. France, on the other hand, is attempting to consolidate business and culture. The idea came in the early nineties from Jean Blaise, artistic director of the summer event “Voyageà Nantes”. He was the cornerstone in transforming Nantes from an industrial city into one of culture.

08.12.2015 DW Doku Kultur 4

Director of the Maxim-Gorki Theater Shermin Langhoff and Co-Director Jens Hillje

People are looking at ways to bring Germany’s cultural institutions up to modern times. The Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin seems to be on the right tracks. Their political program is a hit with young people of all nationalities and backgrounds. The quality of a society’s art and culture is surely the driving force behind reflection and progress. As the world famous conductor Kent Nagano once said “What’s holding our world together? Not the financial world, that’s for sure.”

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