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Countries with the greatest opportunities for business starters

Where do start-ups have the best chances for success?

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Countries with the greatest opportunities for business starters

That's what multi-national service and audit firm Ernst & Young asked.  That's a question of the business climate for start-ups in the top twenty industrial and emerging economies. 

In fifth place is Canada. The country scores 7.8 on the entrepreneurship barometer.

In fourth Britain, with 7.96. London is still Europe's start-up capital for now.  In none of the twenty countries surveyed are the tax laws as favorable to start-ups.

The third place goes to Japan. With its robot technology, the land of the rising sun has been looking to the future - and garnering 7.97 points of a possible ten.

Securing second place is Germany. Business-starters from the world over are trying their luck in Berlin, where there is a lot of expertise to choose from - and plenty of patents. 8.65 for entrepreneurship.

Dominating first place is the United States. Here, entrepreneurship is the name of the game. Facebook and Apple are two examples. The U.S. reaches off with 9.67 out of ten.


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