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Costa Concordia reaches Genoa on last voyage

The cruise liner Costa Concordia has reached its final destination in Genoa after a complex salvage operation. The ill-fated ship was towed to its last berth, where it is to be scrapped.

The Costa Concordia arrived at Genoa's Voltri container terminal on Sunday, where it was towed into the harbor for scrapping.

Eight tug boats from Genoa carried out the maneuver after Costa Concordia's four-day voyage from the Mediterranean island of Giglio, where the 290-meter-long (317-yard-long) ship

ran aground and capsized just off the coast

on January 13, 2012, killing 32 people. Twelve Germans were among the dead.

Hundreds of spectators are watched on as the vessel was towed to its final berth, where it is to be scrapped in an operation that could take up to two years, according to experts.

The Costa Concordia was

refloated earlier this month

in a unique and complex salvage operation costing around 1.5 billion euros ($2.01 billion).

The cruise liner was then towed on its

final 350-kilometer (218-mile) voyage to Genoa

by four tug boats, accompanied by 10 other ships. The convoy traveled at around two knots (3.7 kmh), with the speed being reduced during the last stretch.

The captain of the Costa Concordia,

Francesco Schettino,

is currently being tried on various charges, including abandoning ship and negligent homicide.

tj/pfd (dpa, AFP)

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