Condomi Gains From Takeover Speculation | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 02.02.2004
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Condomi Gains From Takeover Speculation

The share price of the German condom manufacturing company, Condomi, have perked up in reaction to news that Europe's largest seller of erotica, Beate Uhse, is considering a takeover. Condomi shares rose 30 percent to €2.85 on Monday, while at the same time, Beate Uhse shares climbed 2.5 percent to reach €12.50. A decision on a deal is expected within the next eight weeks. In November of last year, Condomi reported a surprising financial downturn, amid a lack of strategy for continued growth and innovation. But a spokeswoman for Beate Uhse said Condomi was "an interesting brand," and that the erotica concern was now checking to see "how solid Condomi's substance is."