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Cologne newspaper reports German military wants to buy drones from Israel

A German newspaper has reported that the Bundeswehr is looking to buy 'Heron TP'-model drones. The weapons are to be used mainly for reconnaissance missions.

The Cologne-based newspaper "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" reported on Tuesday that the German military is seeking to buy unmanned aircraft from Israel.

According to the publication, the Bundeswehr is interested in procuring the "Heron TP"-model drone for reconnaissance missions. However, the Air Force also said the model would be able to carry out air strikes.

Use of the "Heron TP" would be only temporary, however, as Germany is working with Italy and France to develop a new drone model to be used by around 2025.

Ongoing mission

The decision by the Bundeswehr to adopt unmanned aircraft into its arsenal was made a year ago, according to the Green Party's Tobias Lindner.

The Bundeswehr chose the Israeli model over the US-produced "Predator" drone.

Earlier, Germany had been working on the development of a drone called the "Euro Hawk," but halted the project due to skyrocketing costs.

blc/jm (AFP, dpa)

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