Cod with asparagus and dry sausage boullion | Fish and Seafood | DW | 30.04.2009
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Fish and Seafood

Cod with asparagus and dry sausage boullion

De Librije's head chef Jonnie Boer shows us how to cook a cod specialty.


Ingredients (per Person):

1 cod loin
Cod jaw, cheek and tongue

Salt the cod fillet and cook it for 20 minutes in olive oil that has been heated to 50 degrees Celsius.

Season the chin, cheek and tongue of the cod with dried parsley and curry salt, and put them into a bowl.

Dry sausage Bouillon
1 liter chicken broth
5 cloves
400 gr hard dry sausage

Brown the dry sausage and pour the chicken broth over it. Add the cloves and simmer for 30 minutes. Pour through a sieve.

Asparagus Foam
1/8 l asparagus water
2 Tb butter
Cayenne pepper

Two blanched white asparagus spears (cooked for about six minutes with salt and sugar)

Gently heat the butter in a pot and add the asparagus water. Simmer for 10 minutes. Season with salt and a little cayenne pepper. Shortly before serving, froth it up with a hand blender.

Cut one asparagus spear lengthwise into strips. Cut the other into segments.

As a garnish:
Chard leaves
Young spinach leaves

To Serve:
Add the asparagus segments to the cod cheek, jaw and tongue and place them on a perforated plate. Wrap the cooked filet of cod in the asparagus strips and put it on the perforated plate. Garnish with chard and spinach leaves and pour about 100 ml dry sausage boullion over it.

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