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Closure of Austria railway route to Germany extended

Austria's rail operator has said a popular train route used by refugees to reach Germany will remain closed. The two countries had been planning on resuming service this weekend.

Austrian rail operator OeBB said on Friday that German authorities had requested it resume the suspension of the link, which runs between the cities of Salzburg and Germany and has already transported thousands of refugees. Originally, authorities had been planning to end the closure on Sunday.

"We have been instructed by the German authorities to suspend train service from Salzburg to and from Germany at least until 12th October 2015, pending further notice," an announcement read on the OeBB website.

Both Austria and Germany have been struggling to cope with the influx of migrants over the past month. Germany closed the rail link with Salzburg on September 15 in an effort to stop the flow of people, many of whom are seeking asylum in Germany.

Other rail lines from Austria to Germany are still running. Meanwhile, designated trains have been transporting refugees into Germany every day.

blc/kms (AP, Reuters, dpa)

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