CLIPMANIA | Video on Demand | DW | 04.10.2008
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Video on Demand


CLIPMANIA - The best videos and the people who make them. User-generated content and the most exciting, interesting and funniest videos by gifted amateurs - people who have nothing to do with the TV and film industry!


Internet video portals are booming on the world wide web. Millions of clips are viewed daily on sites like youtube. Hundreds of thousands of new clips are produced every week. If only you could get an overview it would be a great source for exciting original films. This is where CLIPMANIA comes in.

CLIPMANIA helps you to find the gems. The CLIPMANIA team finds the best films and stories and presents them to you the viewer.

We tell the overnight success stories that can only happen in the internet age. How overnight, clicks can change lives.

The schoolgirl who became a singing star after her video moved millions to tears. The online reporter whose fresh approach got him nominated for a prestigous media prize. The old age pensioner whose video diary helped him break out of isolation.

CLIPMANIA tells all these stories and spotlights new internet trends: It’s not just amateurs who are using the video-hosting websites. Politicians have discovered them too, as a tool to reach the web generation.

Viral Marketing with video messages spread by word of mouth and e-mail is another trend that CLIPMANIA explains.

CLIPMANIA - Great entertainment and the boundless creativity of a new generation of amateur filmmakers.

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