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Clinton clinches final primary victory in D.C.

Hillary Clinton has finished the Democratic presidential primary season with a lead of 380 pledged delegates over rival Bernie Sanders. The race to win the party nomination is over; all eyes are now on November 8.

Clinton won the District of Columbia - the last to hold its primary - on Tuesday, on the evening picking up 16 delegates to Sanders' four. Four delegates remain to be allocated, pending final vote tallies.

She became the presumptive Democratic nominee for president eight days ago when she claimed a 2,383 majority of the delegates at stake, meaning she finished the Democratic presidential primary season with a lead of 387 pledged delegates over Sanders.

When including superdelegates, or party officials who can back any candidate, Clinton holds a wider lead, of 2,798 to 1,879.

Hillary and Bernie meet

As elections officials started to count votes in the capital, Clinton and Sanders were reportedly meeting at a hotel in the city.

Clinton said earlier Tuesday in an interview with Telemundo that she was very much "looking forward to having his [Sanders'] support in this campaign, because Donald Trump poses a serious threat to our nation."

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders

Feeling the 'Bern'-out

Meanwhile, Sanders was reportedly planning to decline endorsing Clinton, telling reporters he will simply "fight as hard as we can" to transform the Democratic Party.

The democratic socialist met with Clinton later on Tuesday to discuss the Democratic Party platform ahead of the national convention next month in Philadelphia.

"I wanted to see the most progressive platform ever passed at a convention, one which makes it crystal clear that the Democratic Party is in fact on the side of working people," Sanders said. "We're going to take that fight into the convention in Philadelphia," he added.

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Trump vs. Clinton - Anger against The Establishment?

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