Climate Change: Who Pays to Save the Planet? | All media content | DW | 09.11.2017
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Climate Change: Who Pays to Save the Planet?

UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn: politicians, scientists and activists meet annually in a bid to stop global warming. But can it be done and who pays? Our guests: Claudia Kemfert (DIW), Malte Lehming (Tagesspiegel), Christopher Springate (DW)

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Our guests:

Claudia Kemfert is the head of the Energy, Transportation, and Environment department of the German Institute for Economic Research. She also serves as a member of the German Advisory Council on the Environment, which consults with the federal government. She says: "Smart people don't waste time stuck in the past. They invest in the growth markets of the future. The markets belong to those who can recognize them."

Christopher Springate is a DW colleague responsible for covering environmental issues. "Pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is tantamount to sawing off the branch we're sitting on. Protecting our planet from climate change is a pre-requisite for keeping jobs."


Malte Lehming was a correspondent in Washington and writes political commentaries on German and international issues for the Tagesspiegel. "Climate-protection goals must be given a stronger legal framework. We must also have a  precise time-table -- for example, for ending the use of coal-generated power."