Climate Change Affects Spain′s Normally Wet North | Living Planet | DW | 11.04.2008
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Living Planet

Climate Change Affects Spain's Normally Wet North

Spain is one of the driest countries in Europe and is accustomed to drought in its arid south. But this year, climate change has taken grip of the north, which is generally wet, and farmers are having to learn to adapt.

Crowds flock to a beach in Valencia in southeastern Spain

Holiday resorts consume much of Spain's precious water supplies

Spain is a dry country, but conditions are worsening due to desertification and the erosion of land due to its inappropriate use.

For the first time, Spain's northern region, which is normally wetter than the rest of the country, is in a state of drought. Farmers need more and more water for their crops and urban developments and golf courses continue to consume the country's ever-diminishing supply.

Living Planet talked to environmentalists and farmers to find out about the impact of the drought.

Reporter: Danny Wood

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