Clean drinking water for Gambia | Global Ideas | DW | 05.10.2010
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Global Ideas

Clean drinking water for Gambia

Though groundwater levels are dropping, Gambians can still get water with solar-powered pumps.

Project goal: improving drinking water supply in the Sahel region

Climate goal: Replacing fossil fuels with solar energy

Project size: 100 pumps have already been installed in nine African countries

Investment: around 114 million Euros ($157 million) so far

Gambia has been hard hit by climate change, and one of the effects of global warming has been a drop in the country's groundwater levels. The government is pinning its hopes on environmentally-friendly solar-powered pumps, ditching polluting diesel generators that have been used so far to pump the water to the surface. 100 solar pumps are already in use, helping fill public tanks that provide the population with clean water.

A film by Manuel Oezcerkes

Watch video 06:39

Solar pumps in Gambia

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